Dña. Beatriz Sanz Redrado participa en el III Congreso Nacional Antifraude

Director of Investigation Support for the European Anti-Fraud Office


Beatriz Sanz Redrado (CFE, CIA, CRMA)

Beatriz Sanz Redrado is Director of Investigation Support for the European Anti-Fraud Office. Previously she was VP Chief Audit Executive in large private companies operating internationally in sectors varying from retail, defence, industry and financial services. Her responsibilities included creating and reshaping the internal audit structures, leading fraud investigations and implementing best practices in Corporate Governance.

 Well renowned speaker on anti-fraud, governance, risk management and internal audit topics, Beatriz is currently the Vice-Chair of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension board (UNJSPB) audit committee. Previously she has held various governance responsibilities as director of the Board of directors in the Institute of Internal Auditors’ (IIA) and of the European Institute of Fraud Auditors (EIFA), Chair of the Independent Advisory Oversight Committee (IAOC) of UN's WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) and was the first qualified professional on the Audit, Accounting and Financial Ministerial Committee (CMACF) of the French Ministry of Defence.

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