James Brodhurst participa en el II CONGRESO NACIONAL ANTIFRAUDE

Head of Fraud and ID Sales Engineering EMEA en EXPERIAN. Miembro AEECF


Senior professional with more than 23 years’ experience in fraud & ID, presales consulting, project and program management. 

Responsible for the development, management and closure of presales opportunities across EMEA for the range of Experian Decision Analytics fraud and identity management solutions. 

Possessing a proven track record in the achievement of business objectives and with significant experience of leading international project teams including the management of vendors and stakeholders. Highly organized and detail-orientated with well developed project management and quality assurance skills. 

Accustomed to reporting to senior management level in a diverse, multilingual environment and with significant experience working for leading enterprises in many different countries. 

Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.

Specialties: Credit risk management, debt management, Experian - Tallyman, collections and recoveries, new credit originations, customer management, strategy management, project and program management, quality assurance and delivery methodologies, credit and prepaid payment systems. implementation with Visa & MasterCard.

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